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Assistance Registering for Shipping Training on CATTS

To register for training, log in to CATTS, "Self Enroll" for the appropriate module and view the module by looking at "Assignments". A quiz will be administered after viewing the module. Personnel obtaining a score greater than 85% will receive a printable certificate of training.


Question: How do I retake the shipping training?

Answer: Once enrolled, CATTS does not allow users to re-enroll. However, the following instructions allow users to retake the training module or print out new copies of training certificates. Click on the "E-leanring" dropdown menu and select "My E-learning Lessons". Select the "E-Learning All My Lessons" tab and click on the link with the lesson name to open the lesson. Unfortunately, there is no way to proceed immediately to the quiz, but users can manually advance past the slides to the quiz. If the quiz has already been taken, the presentation opens with the certificate on the screen.

PDF versions of the training modules are available for download below in order to serve as references while preparing shipments.

  • Shipping Non-Infectious Specimens and Dry Ice
  • Shipping Infectious Agents and Dry Ice

Question: How do I print my training certificate if CATTS won't allow it?

Answer: Several users have reported experiencing incompatibility issues with Internet Explorer 8 which prevent CATTS from displaying the print menu. This issue can be circumvented by maximizing the window displaying the certificate and right clicking on the backgournd. A windows drop-down menu will appear and the user can select the print command to print the training certificate.


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