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Amending IBC Registrations to Include Viral Vectors

IBC applications and amendments are submitted via the ERMA system. If amending an existing IBC registration to add viral vectors, please amend the following sections.

Section 3: Project Information

Item 3a: Provide a general summary / overview of new procedures involving the viral vector.

Section 4: Recombinant DNA

Item a1: Provide a summary of recombinant DNA procedures.

Item b1: If not previously registered for viral vectors, select rDNA category D1a. D4b should be selected if administering recombinant DNA to animals.

Item e: Add any new genes.

Item f1: Check the type of vector.

Item 4J: Provide a risk assessment for use of the new viral vector. For assistance, refer to the PowerPoint presentations for adenovirus (slides 7-10) or retro / lentivirus (slides 10-16). If registering AAV, refer to the AAV safety protocol. The PowerPoint presentations and AAV safety protocol are available at the bottom of the following webpage under Training Modules:

Section 5: Microbes

Register the viral vector as a microbe.


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