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finance and administration
risk management

Office of Insurance Programs

Jennifer Taylor

792.0757 (office)
792.6607 (fax)
452.0646 (cell)
13067 (on call pager)

Donna Cool
University, Clinical Risk Manager

792.3883 (office)
792.0009 (fax)

11956 (pager)

Christel All
University, Clinical Risk Manager

792.0009 (fax)


Our Staff 

Felicia Enoch
Administrative Coordinator
792.2408 (office)
792.6607 (fax)

Megan Cleary
Program Coordinator
792. 4463 (office)
792.6607 (fax)

Elise Giles
Program Coordinator - Workers' Compensation
792.7554 (office)
792.6607 (fax)

Insurance Programs is committed to providing adequate insurance coverage for MUSC and MUHA, delivering essential support in the managing of insurance claims, and rendering services vital to the mission of the Medical University of South Carolina.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments.



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