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Office of Insurance Programs - Helpful Hints for Insured Buildings and Property

We recommend that each department designate an individual to maintain records of the property in their area. These records should include: A description of the property, original purchase information including purchase orders, requisitions, receipts and asset numbers.

If damage occurs notifying our department immediately may decrease the severity of the loss. Some of the things a department can do in to minimize loss include:

  • If there is damage in your area, notify Engineering & Facilities and our department immediately.
  • If a theft occurs, notify Public Safety and our department immediately.
  • Freeze wet documents if possible
  • If hard drives, CD's, disks, tapes, microfiche or films are wet, leave them wet.
  • If equipment has been damaged, turn it off and leave it off.
  • If available, cover any exposed items with plastic.

Our department is available to assist you in any manner with this process.

Please contact us with any questions.desk phone

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