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Office of Insurance Programs - Professional Liability Coverage Summary

MUSC provides professional liability insurance through the South Carolina Insurance Reserve Fund (IRF).

Who is covered?
MUSC/MUHA pharmacists, medical students, students/instructors, nurse midwives, physicians assistants, nurse practitions, residents and physicians who are listed on the MUSC/MUHA payroll and who are acting on behalf of or within his/her job scope at MUSC/MUHA.

When does coverage start?
Coverage starts the day the employee begins working. This is an occurrence policy, not a claims made policy; therefore, protection for occurrences extends beyond the last day worked.

The policy will pay all sums the insured is legally obligated to pay, up to the limits of liability, due to an occurrence which results in injury arising out of the rendering or failure to render one or more professional services listed.

Limits of Liability
1) For physicians, surgeons, dentists, and residents, the limits are $1,200,000 per occurrence with no annual aggregate.
2) For all other employees (including pharmacists, nurse midwives, physician's assistants, and nurse practitioners) and students, the limits are $300,000/$600,000 per occurrence with no annual aggregate.
In other words,
"No person shall recover in any action or claim a sum exceeding $300,000 because of a loss arising from a single occurrence.  The total sum recovered arising out of a single occurrence shall not exceed $600,000."

Professional Services
"Professional Services" means:
1) medical (including emergency medical and paramedical), surgical, psychological, dental, radiological, or nursing service or treatment, including the furnishing of food or beverages in connection therewith;
2) furnishing, fitting, or dispensing of drugs or medical, dental, or surgical supplies or appliances if the injury occurs after the Insured has relinquished possession thereof;
3) handling of or performing post-mortem examinations on human bodies; and
4) services by any person as a member or employee of any governing or other formal board or committee of the Insured or as any other person charged with executing directives of any such board or committee.

"Occurrence" means any accident, incident, or other event (including non-action) which does or may reasonably be expected to result in bodily injury neither expected nor intended by the Insured.
Note: The patient and/or family may believe an injury has occurred and bring legal action against a caregiver.

"Injury" means bodily physical injury, sickness, disease, mental or emotional distress accompanied by physical manifestation thereof, or death resulting from any one or more thereof.

Not Covered
1) Any act arising out of dishonest, fraudulent, criminal, malicious, or deliberately wrongful acts or omissions;
2) Any person whose acts or omissions are responsible for false and fraudulent claims;
3) Disregard for Federal and State statutes and regulations; or
4) "Moonlighting"
Note: The IRF has the option to refuse defense for deliberately unreported; untimely reported; and/or misrepresentation of occurrences when claims and suits are filed against the Insured (individual involved).

Your Responsibility for Your Insurance Coverage
1) Report any and all occurrences with particulars, names and circumstances thereof as soon as practical following the occurrence.  Occurrences may be reported via telephone or written report to Donna Cool, Professional Liability Manager and University Clinical Risk Manager, who is your connection to the IRF. Also, you are to report occurrences according to the guidelines within the various clinical departments, hospital, or facility where you are providing patient care.
2) Cooperate with the IRF upon any and all requests made to you.

Verification of Coverage
Please contact Megan Cleary-Faber at 792-4463 or Felicia Enoch at 792-2408 if you need verification of your professional liability coverage.

Please contact Jennifer Taylor, Insurance Programs Manager at 792-0757 with any questions regarding insurance coverage or your responsibility for maintaining coverage.  Please contact Donna Cool, Professional Liability Manager and University Clinical Risk Manager at 792-3883
 with any concerns about risk issues or to report occurrences.



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