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SDS Search

An easy way to access a SDS online is by using Google
The fastest, most accurate way to access a SDS online:

1.      Type in the chemical or product name and SDS
2.      Include the company name to refine your SDS search

SDS Search Engines

Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc.                            Lindeus SDS Search Database                       

Oregon State University SDS Search Engine              

Clinical and Laboratory Search: Common Chemical Manufacturers

1.      Sigma-Aldrich
VWR Scientific 
Fisher Scientific

Chemical Safety other than SDS

What is a SDS?   

For decades, the material safety data sheet (MSDS) has been the backbone of the OSHA Hazardous Communication Standard. Now, OSHA has adopted the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) which changes the abbreviated name from MSDS to SDS, dropping the "M" standing for material.

A safety data sheet or SDS is a detailed, fact sheet describing the composition and hazards of a substance or material. The sheet outlines a hazardous substance's information in 16 standardized sections.


OSHA Global Harmonizing System Transition - OSHP will assist the MUSC community to comply with transitions to the GHS in the coming years.

1.  A SDS transition informational presentation (SDS Transition Presentation).

2.  NEW! GHS Fact Sheet - emphasizes the new labeling, pictograms, and SDS structure.

Continue to click on the MSDS icon on your computer desktop (as shown at the top of this webpage). It is available on all MUSC computers for easy access.

4.  Assistance will be provided by OSHP staff at any time to any MUSC personnel using a SDS. Call 843-792-3604.

Throughout your SDS searches, you may find the old MSDS terminology still used by search engines, manufacturers, etc. The full transition will not be completed in the United States until 2015. Thus, some places may be using preivous MSDS terminology on websites and resources.


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