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Dosimetry Badge Coordinators


The Radiation Safety Office(r) of the Medical University of South Carolina shall determine which employees shall wear radiation badges to monitor occupational radiation exposure to ionizing radiation. All individuals, be they employee, student, vendor, attending physician, fellow, resident, etc., are required by state regulations to wear a radiation monitoring badge while in any room during any fluoroscopic operation. For individuals’ working with radioactive materials, the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) shall require individuals that are likely to exceed 10% of any of the annual radiation dose limits to wear radiation monitoring badges in accordance with S.C. RHA 3.17. At his discretion, the RSO may exempt from this requirement, employees working with some radioactive materials, e.g. H-3. A Principal Investigator will be notified that he/she, assistance, technicians, etc., must wear badges. Supervisors in departments that require radiation monitoring badges are responsible for ensuring personnel are badged prior to beginning work. All individuals that may potentially enter a room where fluoroscopic x-rays are utilized (in use) must be badged prior to entering the room/facility (RHB All individuals who operate mobile or portable x-ray equipment are required to wear badges (with the exception of bone densitometers) per RHB3.

The Medical University of South Carolina utilizes a commercial firm for badge service. The Radiation Safety Office handles all correspondence with the firm; therefore, send all requests for services (additions, deletions, name changes, and pregnancy declarations) to the Radiation Safety Office.  It is important that each badge coordinator ensure that his/her participants change their badge(s) promptly each month or quarter and return the used badge(s) to the Radiation Safety Office. It is also very important that the Radiation Safety Office be notified promptly of any changes in badge service, i.e., water damage, heat, etc.  Accidental exposure (splashing by radioactive material, leaving in room, etc.) should be reported immediately, keep the badge separate from others. In addition, please notify the Radiation Safety Office if a badge and/or holder is lost.

New radiation monitoring badges will be delivered to each department by the first working day of each month or quarter. Each month or quarter, a control badge will be sent with body and ring badges. The purpose of the control badge is to monitor shipment to and from the vendor, and the environment where the badges are stored or kept during off-duty hours. Each department should have a central area, free from radiation, where badge users can leave their badges. The control badge should be kept with these badges. All badges should be returned to Radiation Safety at the end of the month or quarter depending on your series exchange interval located on every badge in its corresponding series.  All badges that are due to be turned in must be received by the Radiation Safety Office no later than 10a.m. on the 10th of each month or quarter, again depending on the series exchange interval. If the previous month or quarter’s badge is not returned by the due date, a late fee will be assessed.

Your department is charged for the following: Body Badges Additions to Service Ring Badges Deletions from Service Holders Changes in Service Lost/Damaged Badges, Rings, Holders Late Badges, and Emergency Readings Abuse of Service

The Radiation Safety Office will invoice each department or investigator for badge service on a quarterly basis. Prices are subject to change without notice (please call Radiation Safety at 792-4255 for current prices). Please follow the instructions attached to the invoice. Please contact the Radiation Safety Office if you have any questions.

Dosimetry Coordinator FormsDescription
Badge Request FormRequest for dosimetry badge service
Badge Termination/Change FormRequest to end badge service, change series codes, and report name changes
Lost or Damaged Badge FormReport a lost or damaged dosimetry badge
Pregnancy Declaration FormDeclare pregnancy



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