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Liquid Scintillation Fluids

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Liquid scintillation fluids that are considered environmentally safe are now commercially available. These fluids when used with radioactive material do not create a mixed waste as does toluene and xylene based scintillation fluids. The use of environmentally safe biodegradable scintillation fluid is strongly recommended by the Radiation Safety Office. If you are not currently using biodegradable scintillation fluid please consider changing to one of the fluids listed on the Approved LSC Fluid List (link in toolbox at right). This is a partial list of biodegradable scintillation fluids currently available. If you are unsure of a particulate brand of scintillation fluid that does not appear on the list please contact the Radiation Safety Office.

Liquid Scintillation Fluid Disposal

Although these liquid scintillation fluids are considered to be "biodegradable" and "environmentally safe", they may still present an environmental disposal concern and a contact hazard. Appropriate PPE should be used when handling these solvents and should only be disposed of by the Radiation Safety Office. Unused hazardous scintillation fluid should be disposed of through the MUSC Occupational Safety and Health Office.

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