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Administration of Radioactive Materials to Animals

Any animal research protocol that requires the use of radioactive materials must be reviewed by the Radiation Safety Department. 

Download the Radiation Appendix for IACUC Protocols (PDF form)

Note:  For use of chemicals and hazardous subtances, the Hazardous Materials Appendix must be completed.

Note:  For use of biological agents or biological toxins, the Biological Materials Appendix must be completed.

Note: For use of the research irradiator located in Hollings Cancer Center, a separate access approval process must be completed by contacting the Increased Controls Coordinator at 792-1641.


The Radiation Appendix for IACUC Protocols must be completed by the PI and faxed to the Radiation Safety Office (792-5099).  Please be sure to answer all questions, sign, and date the document.  


Review of the application will be performed by the Radiation Safety Department under the purview of Risk Management.  Review of each submission may take up to 5 business days; please submit your application in plenty of time to allow for an adequate review period.  The reviewer may also request additional information or resources in order to thoroughly assess the risks involved.


When approval is granted, you will receive an electronic copy of the appendix signed by Radiation Safety.  The PI is responsible for submitting the signed and approved copy to the IACUC for final approval of your protocol.

Fact Sheets

Please check back soon for Fact Sheets on safely using radioactive materials in animal research.


Questions?  Contact the Radiation Safety Department at 843-792-4250.

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