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Radiation Safety Office Waste Program

The Radiation Safety Office provides radioactive waste pickup service to all licensed users of radioactive material on the main campus of the Medical University of South Carolina. The service includes the collection of solid radioactive waste and liquid scintillation fluid directly from MUSC laboratories. All radioactive waste pickups are scheduled by completing the online waste pickup notification form. The notification form is accessed by clicking the "Waste Pickup" link in the toolbox at right or you can use the 'forms library' link in the quick clicks menu.

All waste will normally be picked up within 72 hours of notification excluding any unforeseen events that would preclude pickup. All radioactive waste must be properly packaged and labeled with a completed waste tag. Waste that is not packaged or labeled properly will not be picked up. Mixed waste (radioactive hazardous chemical waste) will be picked up only on certain dates scheduled by the Radiation Safety Office. For radioactive waste packaging and labeling requirements click the "Requirements" link in the toolbox at right.

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Waste Pickup Request

Solid & Liquid Waste Requirements


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