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Radiation Safety Office Student Dosimetry Badge Service


It is MUSC Policy that anyone entering areas subject to ionizing radiation will have radiation dosimetry badges affixed or will be unable to enter those areas. 

Dosimetry badges are devices used to monitor occupational radiation exposure to ionizing radiation.

As a medical student, one or more of your rotations may require you to be in areas where x-ray producing machines will be in use.  In an effort to ensure your exposure is monitored, MUSC is beginning a six-month badge program for third and fourth year medical students.  Each badge will monitor exposure from July 1st through the end of December, and a new badge will be issued to monitor exposure from January 1st through the end of June.  Your badge coordinator is Christine Talbot-Bond.  She will hold all badges and will distribute these at the Year 3 Orientation and to Year 4 students on rotation. 

In order to receive a Dosimetry Badge from Radiation Safety, you must complete the following steps:



MUSC's Radiation Monitoring Service - Policies & Procedures

MUSC College of Medicine Radiation Safety Policy for Medical Students

Complete the Student Request for Dosimetry Badge Service Form

Complete the Radiation Safety Training for Students

  1. Read MUSC's Radiation Monitoring Service - Policies & Procedures.  Please note, this policy is currently in revision due to the addition of six-month badges to our service.  While your badge is monitored on a six-month basis, you will still be required to turn your badge in to your badge coordinator before the December break and at the end of your rotations in June.  A $20.00 replacement cost will be assessed for replacement of a radiation safety badge.  Recurrent loss of badges will have a $40.00 replacement cost per badge.  This may be considered a breach in professionalism and be reported to the Dean's Office. 
  2. Read MUSC College of Medicine Radiation Safety Policy for Medical Students.
  3. Complete the Student Request for Dosimetry Badge Service Form.
  4. Complete the Radiation Safety Training-Radioactive Materials (MUHA) in the CATTS system.  Upon submitting the electronic Student Request for Dosimetry Badge Service Form, you will immediately receive a link to CATTS (MUSC's on-line training system).



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