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MUSC Radiation Safety Training for Gamma Knife Operators

The course for Gamma Knife Operators supplements the operational instruction individuals are required to receive from their supervisor regarding the use of the Gamma Knife they will use. The online training includes general instruction on radiation protection principles, regulatory limits, health effects and emergency procedures.

To receive authorization to use an irradiator you must:

1.  Obtain Gamma Knife operation instruction from your supervisor
2.  Review the Online Training Course for Gamma Knife Operators
3.  Complete the Radiation Safety Test for Gamma Knife Operators
4.  Have your supervisor complete a Training Certificate for Gamma Knife Operators 
5.  Submit signed copies of the Test and Training Certificate to the Radiation Safety Office

The Radiation Safety Test is accessed through the last slide of the training course. The test is a twenty question multiple-choice and true-false test designed to assess an individual's comprehension of the material presented in the online training course. You must answer at least 75% of the test questions correctly to pass the test. The Radiation Safety Office will notify you of your score once you submit the test.



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