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Telemarketing Fraud Alert! - Copier Toner Scams

There have been recent telemarketing schemes soliciting MUSC end users to purchase copier replacement parts including toner cartridges.  MUSC administrative staff should be aware that fraudulent telemarketers do call and often lie to get you to pay for items you don’t need.  Protect your department by knowing the terms and condition of the copier lease or rental agreement.  For example, do you know that copiers placed through the "Cost per Copy" program include toner cartridges and replacement parts free of charge?  The Support & Contract Services Office handles all cost per copy transactions including; copier placement orders, summary invoice payments, individual invoice reconciliation, and account resolution.  

Also, for added protection against fraud, the cost per copy program has an automated system to re-order replacement parts based on metered volumes.  In other cases it’s left to discretion of the individual customer to request service or support directly form the servicing vendor.  Cost per Copy Customers should check and re-check before acting on a call received from a third Party vendor soliciting the purchase of toner cartridges or replacement parts.  However, if you receive supplies or bills from a third party office supply company that you did not order,  Don’t pay and Don’t return the unordered merchandise.  Notify the Support & Contract Service Office and request assistance. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) telemarketing sales rules require telemarketers to tell you it’s a sales call and who is doing the selling before they make their sales pitch.   In any case your best defense against telemarketing scams is to know the terms and conditions of your copier agreement.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding copier supply or potential scams call Roy Dingle, Support & Contract Service Manager  @ 2-9787. 

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