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Mail Service Center - Relocation Planner

What should you do about your mail service when your department moves to a new location.

What you must do

  • Notify the Mail Service Center by submitting an Address Change Request.
  • Notify your customers of your location change and give them your new mailing address.

What we will do

  • Upon recipt of the address change request, we will issue a new Mail Stop Code (if necessary).
  • Forward your old mail to the new address
  • Change your address in our system
  • Send you a confirmation of your new address

Other Things To Do When You Plan To Move:

  • Perform a site survey of your new space to determine how your furniture and equipment will fit. You can contact our Warehouse staff for a consultation.
  • Notify University Communications and submit the necessary requests to transfer telephone and computer services.
  • Notify a moving service as soon as possible prior to your move. If you utilize University Moving Services, complete a Moving Request form.
  • Notify your copier service supplier to arrange service location.  Having your service supplier move copier equipment will eliminate departmenal libility for damage to the machine.
  • Update your mailing addresst with University Purchaing and other vendor services such as Ground or Air deliveries companies.
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