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Service Rates

In order to store records with MUSC's Records Center you must package and label them properly.  Policies and Procedures for preparing your records for storage, how to request records retrieval and other important information are located in the Policies and Procedures Library (located in the left menu bar).  All forms for doing business with the University Records Center are located in the Forms Library (located in the left menu bar).

records warehouse

Records Rates

Record DestructionNo Charge
Record Retrieval$8.35 (per record box)
Record Return to Storage (Refile)$5.57 (per record box)
Records Delivery (normal business hours)No Charge

Emergency Records Delivery (non-business hours only)

$35.00 (hourly & retrieval costs)

Records Storage (in boxes standard one cubic ft. 10x12x15)
$0.74 per box per month. Free pick up service.

Scanning Rates

Scanned Images$.07 per image (includes prep)

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