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University Warehouse Operations - Storage and Moving Services

Rules and Requirements for Storage

Getting Items Out of Storage

We accept most items for storage as long as they are properly boxed and labeled.  Note: official records should be processed and stored at the University Records Center.  There is a base storage charge of $45.00 per month.  Storage requiring more than 16 square feet will be charged at the rate $0.89 per square foot.

Here's How it Works
Complete a Moving/Storage Request listing all of the items you want stored.  Mail or fax your request to us.  We will contact you to arrange pick up of your items if space is available at our facility.  If we are unable to accept your items because we are at capacity, we will place your request on hold untill space becomes available.  We will contact you when we are able to store your items.

If you have any questions or need help filling out the storage request, please contact us.


  • All items involved in a transfer to or from the Warehouse  must be  listed on the Moving/Storage form. 
  • Warehouse Operations must be notified beforehand (740-1549) to ensure sufficient space is available for the receipt of the equipment or materials. A verbal confirmation or denial will be made by the Storage Manager at this point. If the request is denied, a date will be set for acceptance of the equipment or materials based on space availability.
  • All items used with hazardous chemicals or radioactive materials must be accompanied by a letter of decontamination from the Radiation Safety Office. It is the responsibility of the department initiating the move to obtain the letter. 
  • All small equipment or materials should be placed in boxes by the requesting department with labels affixed indicating the contents, name of sender, department name, department number, and date.
  • All electrical, mechanical and/or technical equipment should be labeled with working condition and year purchased, whenever possible. Such equipment should include all operational manuals and/or instructions/service contracts, if available.
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Getting Items Out of Storage

When you are ready to remove your items from storage fill out a Moving/Storage Request and mail or fax it to Warehouse Operations.  We will contact you and arrange to deliver your items to you.

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