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The UDAK - User Defined Accounting Key
Section:1- Accounting
Policy Procedure:1-2.01.1
Subject:Establishing a UDAK
Established Date:1/1/2004
Responsible Department:Controller

For every discrete financial transaction group (i.e. – department, grant project, etc), there should be a UDAK to capture and report the financial transactions.  To request a new UDAK, department business personnel should use the Chart of Accounts Maintenance Request (CAMR) form. 

Complete a CAMR form to request the establishment of a new non-grant UDAK as follows:
1. Check add box
2. Enter entity - MU for University or AH for AHEC  (CU for Current Unrestricted is automatic)
3. Enter unit number   (if this is a new division/unit number, please include a title for it in the Source description box)
4. Enter project number.
5. Enter the Reporting code.
6. Enter a project title
7. Enter the name of the individual responsible for the project (principal investigator)
8. Enter the principal investigator's employee number (9000 number NOT SSN)
9. Enter a detailed description of the purpose and source of funds
10. When the SUBMIT is pressed, the form is electronically signed based on the userid.

If you prefer to send a paper form, use the CAMR Instructions page to find the correct form.  Forward the completed, signed form to:
   MUSC Controller’s Office
   MSC 817
   505 Harborview – CAMR Processing


CAMR Instructions

New UDAK Quick Tips

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