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The UDAK - User Defined Accounting Key
Section:1- Accounting
Policy Procedure:1-2.01.1
Subject:Establishing a UDAK
Established Date:1/1/2004
Responsible Department:Controller

For every discrete financial transaction group (i.e. – department, grant project, etc), there should be a UDAK to capture and report the financial transactions.  To request a new UDAK, department business personnel should use the Chart of Account Maintenance Request (CAMR) form.  The form is in the Finance and Administraton Forms Library on the web (left menu bar).

Complete a CAMR form to request the establishment of a new non-grant UDAK as follows:
1. Check add box
2. Enter entity - MU for University or AH for AHEC  (CU for Current Unrestricted is automatic)
3. Enter unit number   (if this is a new division/unit number, please include a title for it in the Source description box)
4. Enter project number - College of Medicine departments assign project numbers for their non-sponsored UDAKs. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs assigns project numbers for University Research Council awards (institutional sponsored research). For all other non-sponsored projects, leave this field blank to be completed by the Controller's Office.
5. Enter the Reporting code.
6. Enter a project title
7. Enter the name of the individual responsible for the project (principal investigator)
8. Enter the principle investigator's employee number (9000 number NOT SSN)
9. Enter a detailed description of the purpose and source of funds
10. When the SUBMIT is pressed, the form is electronically signed based on the userid.

If you prefer to send a paper form, use the CAMR Instructions page to find the correct form.  Forward the completed, signed form to:
   MUSC Controller’s Office
   MSC 817
   505 Harborview – CAMR Processing


CAMR Instructions

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