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Establishing a UDAK for a Sponsored Agreement
Section:4- Grants and Contracts Accounting
Policy Procedure:4-1.01
Subject:Establishing a UDAK for a Sponsored Agreement
Established Date:1/1/2000
Responsible Department:Grants and Contracts Accounting

This procedure explains how to establish a new Sponsored Project in the accounting records of MUSC. Sponsored Projects are established upon authorization of the sponsoring entity and the acceptance of terms and conditions of the specific sponsored agreement by MUSC.

General Guidelines

Sponsored Agreements are negotiated with external sponsors and accepted by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) on behalf of the University in accordance with the MUSC Policy for Research Administration.

Annual renewal funding for the following types of sponsored awards will not require establishment of a new UDAK each year. In these cases, GCA will load budget increases to existing UDAKs in the accounting system upon receipt of the Grant and Contract Acceptance Form from ORSP and will notify the Departmental Business Manager and Principal Investigator via e-mail that the incremental budget is available:

a. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Streamlined Non-Competing Award Process (SNAP) awards.

b. Awards for which no annual financial reporting to the sponsor is required.

c. Supplements awarded under existing awards that do not require separate financial reporting.

Questions regarding establishment of Sponsored Project UDAKs should be addressed to the appropriate Grants and Contracts Accounting Team based on departmental assignment (see Distribution of Grants and Contracts by Administrator Teams or call 792-2850)


1. ORSP sends an Award Notification Packet to Grants and Contracts Accounting (GCA) when a sponsored project is awarded by the sponsor and accepted by MUSC. The award notification packet normally includes the Grant and Contract Acceptance Form, Proposal Data Sheet, a copy of the fully executed Sponsored Agreement, award budget, research proposal document, and proposal budget.

2. Upon receipt of the completed Grant and Contract Acceptance Form from ORSP, GCA initiates a Chart of Accounts Maintenance Request (CAMR) Form for Restricted Funds and submits the completed form online to Controller for processing.

3. If the sponsored award contains cost sharing or matching obligations, GCA will request via e-mail that the Departmental Business Manager establish a Cost Share UDAK in accordance with GCA Procedure 4-1.03: Establishing a UDAK to Capture Cost Sharing Expenditures. In this case, the CAMR for the Sponsored Project will be forwarded to Controller immediately after the department provides the Cost Share UDAK project number.

4. Upon notification by Controller of establishment of the UDAK in the accounting system, GCA will immediately notify the Departmental Business Manager, Principal Investigator and ORSP via e-mail that the account is established and expenditures may be initiated.

5. GCA then establishes the award budget for the Sponsored Project in the accounting records.


Chart of Accounts Maintenance Request (CAMR) for Restricted Funds - Sample Form



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