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Surplusing Equipment
Section:8- Property Control
Policy Procedure:8-2.01
Subject:Surplus Equipment
Established Date:4/1/2001
Responsible Department:Property Control

This procedure explains the surplus process for MUSC equipment and how equipment is removed from a Department's inventory.

General Guidelines

The Surplus Department is responsible for coordinating the removal and disposal of all surplus for/from University departments in accordance to the S.C. Code Ann. § 11-35-3810 and South Carolina Regulations § 19-455.2150. This includes all equipment (regardless of dollar value) that is still operable or beyond repair.
All equipment purchased through or donated to the University is property of the state, federal government, or private grantor agency. As such, it cannot be sold, disposed of, or transferred from MUSC without the written approval of the appropriate federal sponsoring agency and/or the University, and State Surplus Property Officer.

All equipment sent to surplus must be emptied of all contents and be unlocked. Also, all laboratory equipment must be free of hazardous materials prior to transport to MUSC Surplus. Departments are responsible for providing a signed MUSC Occupational Safety & Health Programs Transportation of Laboratory Equipment Form. University Surplus will not accept any equipment that does not meet the before mentioned requirements.

Surplusing Computers and Hard Drives must also comply with the Surplus Policy of the Office of the Chief Information Officer.


All surplus requests must be submitted via the Asset Management Platform – Surplus Module. The Surplus Module is a secured system. Only persons authorized by the Department Chair or Business Manager will be able to access this system. New users wishing to access the Surplus Module must have a signed Security Access Form on file.  Once a Security Access Form is submitted users will then:

1. Be enrolled in the Surplus Module training course via My Quest (10 minute video)
2. Complete a 20 question assessment (success rate = 80% or higher).
3. Have their user profile created along with being provided with their user log-in credentials to access the system (please allow 1-2 business days for this process).
4. User will then be able to submit their request.

The University Surplus scheduled pick-up days are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (subject to change). Please allow 3-5 business days after submission.

Additional information: University Surplus and Staff Contacts 

Request for Security Access to Asset Works AIM

MUSC Occupational Safety & Health Transportation Form – (Lab Equipment)

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