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Transferring Equipment (within a department)
Section:8- Property Control
Policy Procedure:


Subject:Transferring Equipment (within a department)
Established Date:5/1/2001
Responsible Department:Property Control

This section explains the procedures for updating the asset management system when equipment location changes within your department.

General Guidelines

Equipment movement must be recorded on the University's asset management system when there is a change in equipment location (e.g., building, room).


Authorized Departmental Personnel should submit a Property and Equipment Activity form electronically.


Property and Equipment Activity Form 


1. Enter the Asset number of equipment being relocated.
2. Enter a complete description of equipment.
3. Enter the new room number where equipment is being relocated.
4. Enter the new building number where equipment is being relocated.
5. Enter the Department representative name, e-mail, and phone number.
6. Enter any comments to Fixed Asset Management in this space.
7. Print Screen a copy for your records.
8. Click the Submit button and the request will be sent to Property Control Department.

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