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Transferring Equipment (within MUSC)
Section:8- Property Control
Policy Procedure:8-3.02
Subject:Transferring Equipment (within MUSC)
Established Date:5/1/2001
Responsible Department:Property Control

This policy/procedure explains the steps for updating the property management system when equipment is transferred from one department to another.

General Guidelines

Equipment movement must be recorded on the University's asset management System when there is a permanent change in custody (e.g., from one department to another.)

If the equipment is temporarily loaned or relocated and the intention is to reclaim the equipment in the near future, the equipment record need not be changed. However, you should have information in your department file documenting the current location of the equipment.


Submit a Property and Equipment Activity Form electronically.


Property and Equipment Activity Form


  1. Asset number of equipment being relocated
  2. Complete description of equipment
  3. Model number of asset
  4. Serial number of asset
  5. Manufacturer of equipment.
  6. Biomes number (if equipment has one, number is assigned by Department of Biomedical Engineering.
  7. Unit number from old department.
  8. Complete location (building number and room number) from old Department.
  9. Unit number for new department.
  10. Complete location (building number and room number) from new department
  11. Condition: drop down button and chose one.
  12. Activity: drop down button and choose transfer to another department.
  13. Initiating Department: department representative name, e-mail, Phone number, pager/cell number
  14. Site: drop down button and chose one.
  15. Receiving Department: department representative name, e-mail Phone number, pager/cell number
  16. Special instructions/notes to Property Control should be written in this space.
  17. Print screen a copy for your records.
  18. Submit button and the request will be sent to Property Control
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