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Purchasing Authority
Section:6- Purchasing
Policy Procedure:6-1.01
Subject:Purchasing Authority
Established Date:1/1/2003
Responsible Department:University Purchasing 

The purchasing authority of MUSC is delegated by the State of South Carolina, Budget and Control Board. This authority is vested in the Purchasing Department and administered under the State purchasing rules and regulations as detailed in the State of South Carolina Procurement Code.


Delegation of signature authority is as follows:


Vice President for Finance and Administration

Chief Financial Officer

Purchasing Director

Procurement  Managers and Specialists

Signature authority varies by dollar amount in descending order from the President down to Procurement Specialists I.

No one other than those listed above have the authority to bind MUSC to payment for goods and services.  No other employee of MUSC should sign a contract.  All contracts should be in writing and should be sent to Purchasing for review.  Legal Counsel will also review the contract before it is signed by an authorized purchasing official.

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