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State Contracts
Section:6- Purchasing
Policy Procedure:6-1.03
Subject:State Contracts
Established Date:1/1/2000
Responsible Department:University Purchasing

This procedure provides information on how to access and use State contracts.

General Guidelines

The State of South Carolina has negotiated, for the use of state agencies, contracts for a number of widely-used products and services and has mandated their usage.

State established contracts for goods and/or services may be accessed from the State Procurement Services Home Page. The pricing and specific products available through these contracts are available from this web site and also from the Information Technology (ITMO) site which is linked to this site. When you complete your requisition, you need to enter the item number and price that you have obtained. You are required to use these contracts except in the following situations:

  1. If the State contract does not provide what you need, or
  2. If you find the contracted item for at least 10% less from another vendor. If the item is found at a lower price from another vendor, the contracted vendor must be given the option of matching that price.

If you are ordering an item from a State contract, please note that contract number on your requisition in the Comments section.

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