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State Contracts
Section:6- Purchasing
Policy Procedure:6-1.03
Subject:State Contracts
Established Date:1/1/2000
Responsible Department:University Purchasing

This procedure provides information on how to access and use State contracts.  Sections 11-35-1560 and 19-445.2105 of the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code and Regulations (SCCPC) allow the University (as a State agency) to make Sole Source Procurements up to any amount provided a written determination is approved in advance by the Director, University Purchasing.

General Guidelines

The State purchasing regulations require that we bid certain purchases when the value of the purchase will exceed $10,000.00; however, there will be cases in which it is not practical to obtain required item through a bid process. In these cases we will employ the Sole Source requirement subject to the department providing adequate documentation to justify and support this action
A sole source procurement means that the item or service is unique and there is only one source available that will meet the specific needs of the requesting department. Some examples of when a Sole Source may be appropriate are:

1. The compatibility of equipment, accessories or replacement parts is the paramount consideration.

2. Only one company, due to warranty or service considerations, is capable of performing services on a piece of equipment.

3. A change in suppliers would invalidate the results of ongoing research.

If you are ordering an item from a State contract, please note the contract number on your requisition in the section labled "Internal Notes and Attachments."

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