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Using the University Purchasing Card
Section:6- Purchasing
Policy Procedure:6-2.02.1
Subject:Using the University Purchasing Card
Established Date:7/1/2003
Responsible Department:University Purchasing

The University Purchasing Card is designed for purchases $2,500 or less.

The Purchasing Card is a corporate charge card designed for small dollar repetitive business purchases. The card empowers departments to manage their expenditures. The spending and transaction controls are tailored to the departmental requirements. The PCard streamlines the purchasing and payment process. The use of this card is strongly recommended for purchases less than $2,500.

General Guidelines

The following guidelines need to be followed in the use of the Purchasing Card (PCard). The deliberate, fraudulent or illegal use of the PCard will result in the immediate revocation of the PCard:

The PCard must only be used for legitimate business purposes.

A PCard being used for purchases pertaining to any grant fund must be in compliance with the grant.

The purchase limit of the PCard must not exceed $2,500 for any single transaction.

A transaction must not be split to circumvent the $2,500 limit on any single transaction.

The use of another cardholder's PCard must not be used to circumvent the $2,500 limit on any single transaction.

The PCard must only be used by the cardholder assigned to the account number. Use by anyone other than the approved cardholder is strictly prohibited. The PCard is not transferable between cardholders.

All sales slips, register receipts, packing slips, or other approved documentation must be attached to a document control form.

Each department head/chairperson must designate one or more department liaisons for the department.


Use the card by providing the vendor with the card number as you would any other credit card.

Obtain a sales slip when using the card in person, or use the packing slip for documentation when placing order by telephone or internet.

Attach all documentation to a document control form which is to be retained in the department files. Note: Document control forms are generally designed by departments to meet their specific varying needs. However, a sample form is attached to provide guidelines for information needed.
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