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Foreign Travel
Section:7- Travel
Policy Procedure:7-11.0
Subject:Foreign Travel
Established Date:1/1/2004
Responsible Department:Accounts Payable

The purpose of this statement is to provide the general guidelines for Foreign Travel to any person in a travel status representing MUSC.

General Guidelines

Foreign travel may be defined as travel to any destination other than the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada.

Read the MUSC International Travel Policy (Provost administrative policy).

Advance subsistence may be allowable for foreign travel.

State employees traveling out of the country on state business are entitled to reimbursement of actual expenses incurred for lodging that fall within the federal guidelines.  Meals and incidentals will be reimbursed based on the federal guidelines for foreign travel per diem. Web address ( ).  Please include a printout of the International Per Diem Chart reflecting meals, lodging and incidentals.

All accommodations must be tourist class.

Passports and Visas will be paid by Accounts Payable unless stipulation on Federal Grants prohibits such payments.

Travel Reimbursement Vouchers submitted against foreign travel should be converted to U.S. currency as of the date of travel. Please note the rate of exchange on the travel reimbursement voucher.  As a resource, for currency conversion information, try the following web address ( ).  All foreign currency conversion calculations need to be included as backup documentation with each TR.



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