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Section:7- Travel
Policy Procedure:7-3.0
Established Date:1/1/2004
Responsible Department:Accounts Payable

Registration fees are reimbursable when required for participation in a workshop, seminar, convention or conference, which the employee is authorized to attend.

Fees for optional activities such as sight-seeing or field trips are not reimbursable. Any such fees representing official related activities must be justified in writing and approved in advance by the travel approver.

Any part of a registration fee applicable to meals or lodging, and identifiable as such, shall be reported as meals or lodging expense and not as a registration fee.

General Guidelines

Payment for registration fees will be made in one of two ways:

  1. Reimbursed to the traveler upon completion of the trip, or
  2. Prepaid using a University Purchasing Card.

Upon completion of the trip, registration fee expenses shall be reported on the Travel Reimbursement Voucher (see procedure 7-17.0). Prepayments should be reflected as a negative (within brackets) amount to prevent duplicate reimbursement.

Problems related to the use of the University Purchasing Card for registration should be brought to the attention of the P-card Coordinator at 792-4407.

An employee may not claim a meal allowance for any meals covered in a registration fee.

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