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Gratuities and Porterage
Section:7- Travel
Policy Procedure:7-9.0
Subject:Gratuities and Porterage
Established Date:1/1/2004
Responsible Department:Accounts Payable

The purpose of this statement is to provide the general guidelines for gratuities and porterage charges incurred by any person in a travel status representing MUSC.

General Guidelines

Gratuities are not allowable reimbursements for State employees except where the charge is not optional such as in the case of banquets, luncheons, etc.  Gratuities for taxis and ride-sharing services are optional and will not be reimbursed.  Ride-sharing services include, but are not limited to, organizations that provide pre-arranged transportation services for compensation that are scheduled via a mobile device (i.e., cellular phone).  Examples of ride-sharing organizations are Uber and Lyft.

Porterage may be reimbursed when an employee flies to a major city out-of-state and there is no option concerning baggage handling, or when heavy excess equipment is needed to conduct official state business.

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