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musc public safety

Public Safety Staff Directory

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anthony dunbar, chief of public safety
Kevin Kerley
Director / Chief
toni windham
Toni Windham
Administrative Operations Coordinator
(843) 792-4194
debbie underwood
Debbie Underwood
Accreditation Manager
martha jonesMartha Jones
Identification Section
jennie rhodes
Jennie Sirisky
Card Access Section
glenn iannuzzi
Glenn Iannuzzi
Electronic Security and System Support
Greg Cobb
Gregory Cobb
Information Resource Consultant
jervey simons
Jervey Simons
Technology Manager
john plitsch
Capt. John Plitsch
Operations Support Commander
layne thompson

Lt. Layne Thompson

Assistant Operations Support Commander
Crime Prevention and Training



david wagner

Sgt. David Wagner

Evening Investigator

william registerSgt. William Register
Day Investigator


angela taylor-batisteAngela Taylor-Batiste
Communications - Section Supervisor
Rodney Coons
Communications Operator
sonya shulerSonya Shuler
Communications Operator
tanya waringTanya Waring-Hearn
Communications Operator
miranda lemonMiranda Lemon
Communications Operator

Donna Martinez
Communications Operator
Windy Weber
Communications Operator
Rebecca Mitchell
Communications Operator

Tiffany Love
Communications Operator
dorothy simmons
Major Dorothy Simmons
Patrol Commander

Day Shift

timothy bussey

Lt. Timothy Bussey

Day Shift Supervisor

Sgt. Patrick Kelly

Asst. Supervisor

Wendy Vanhorn-Shaffer

Cpl. Wendy VanHorn-Shaffer

Asst. Supervisor
rowland turnerPSO Rowland Turner
PSO Leslie Moore
janet johnsonPSO Janet Johnson
susan strobelPSO Susan Strobel
scot wetzigPSO Scot Wetzig
Russ FickettPSO Russ Fickett
john greenPSO John Green
chris collinsPSO Chris Collins
PSO Corey Cox
russ neuhausPSO Russ Neuhaus
PSO John Reinhardt
PSO Kirk Russell
FTO Daniel Schultz
PSO Pamela Porier

SSO Leroy Dempsey

Evening Shift

lt. truman greene

Lt. Truman Green
Supervisor, Evening Shift
charles davisSgt. Charles Davis
Asst. Supervisor

Cpl. Timothy Brooder

Asst. Supervisor
donald newburnPSO Donald Newburn
adam gallowayPSO Adam Galloway
PSO Rachel Miller
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roosevelt mccargoPSO Roosevelt McCargo
russell haganPSO Russell Hagen
bridget hinkebein PSO Bridget Hinkebein
tommy maw PSO Tommy Maw
PSO Tyler Gracey
john padgett PSO John Padgett
Mark TraugerFTO Mark Trauger
PSO Scott Muetz
PSO Charles Forsythe
PSO Engin Suner
SSO Arron Krause
SSO Kevin Holsapple

Midnight Shift

Lt. Roger Owens
Supervisor,  Midnight Shift

jerimaine chatman

Sgt. Jerimaine Chatman

Asst. Supervisor

Cpl. Bobby Schmutzler

Asst. Supervisor
PSO Matthew Rowell
jonthan pinckney PSO Jonthan Pinckney
FTO Ernest Brown
aubry wilsonPSO Aubrey Wilson
howard lucasPSO Howard Lucas
PSO Bruce Lowin
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PSO Shannon Crosby
PSO Jose Alvarez
PSO John Robinson
PSO Creighton McDermott
PSO Ryan Brown
PSO Garland McKelvey
PSO Brett Schoem
PSO Justin Kutski
SSO Gustavo Villanueva

FTO Program



PSO Rebecca Ireland
PSO Lee Holbrook



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