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Weather Emergencies - Making Plans for your Pets

It's that time of the year again when pet owners must make preparations for care of their pets should a hurricane target the Charleston area. Regardless if your pet is boarded in a local kennel or checked into the Emergency Pet Care Center here at MUSC, the following immunizations MUST be current:

Dogs:   Rabies
ITT (Bordetella) - Must be given 5 days prior to boarding the animal to be effective.

Cats: Rabies
Feline Leukemia recommended

  • Keep a copy of your pet's immunization records and pertinent medical history with the animal. Since all animals MUST be crated for their protection and others, you may want to tape a copy of the immunization records to the top of the animal’s crate.
  • Keep a list of all medications the pet may be on, along with administration times.
  • Maintain a two-week supply of any medications.
  • All animals MUST be crated due to the location of the Pet Care Center. Label crate with the pet’s name, your name, telephone number and veterinarian's name.
  • Animals should have a collar with an ID tag, leash clearly labeled, bowls and three day supply of food and water.
  • Speak with your vet about possible sedation if your pet is high strung or isn't accustomed to being around other animals. You may want to bring a blanket to cover the crate.

Space is very limited. Please plan ahead and reserve space at a local kennel or make arrangements with family and friends to look after your pets. We expect to be able to handle a maximum of 60 animals. Due to the limited space, animals will be accepted on a First come reservation list). A copy of a current immunization record from the veterinarian for each pet and documentation from supervisory staff that you are required to be in the hospital during the weather emergency (Team A) will be necessary to reserve space.

Animals will NOT be allowed in the hospital work area or any private offices located throughout the hospital or University buildings. Security will be rounding throughout the buildings. If the Pet Care Center is full, animals will have to be transported to other location off campus.

The Emergency Pet Care Center will be located in the Ashley Rutledge Parking Garage. Employees will be able to drive to the drop-off area. Employees must bring a statement from their supervisor that they are required to be here during a weather emergency. The MUSC Pet Care Center will ONLY accept dogs and cats this year.

You are urged to plan ahead and reserve a place at an area kennel that will be staffed during a weather emergency or arrange with friends or relatives to take your pets with them when they evacuate. Do NOT wait until a storm warning is issued. The MUSC Emergency Pet Care Center should only be used as a last resort.

Complete this form and attach a copy of your pet’s immunization record. Bring to Health Information Services (Medical Records) on the second floor of the main hospital


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