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MUSC Alert

Stay Informed with MUSC ALERT


In an emergency, there are several methods to receive pertinent information:

  • Personal Devices: Register your personal contact information to receive SMS text, voice and email to your personal accounts through the Manage Your Account Button (see above)
  • Email: Every account will promptly receive notifications of emergency situations, no registration necessary
  • Desktop Alert:  Every MUSC-networked desktop computer will receive a visual alert during an emergency
  • MUSC Information Line:  (792-MUSC) will be updated with important information regarding emergency situations
  • View the Red Ticker:  on the MUSC homepage at
  • Tune in:  to local television and radio stations
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

Click here to print this flyer.

MUSC is dedicated to alerting its students, faculty, and staff to emergency situations on or near our facilities.  Our Emergency Notification System, MUSC Alert, can provide emergency alerts/notifications directly to email addresses, personal email addresses and MUSC-networked desktop computers, as well as to your personal land line and cell phone numbers.  

WE URGE YOU to update your contact information so we can best contact you in the event of an emergency.  While a vendor does provide this service for us, the information you provide will remain confidential to MUSC and will only be used for emergency notifications.  For voice notification, please do NOT enter MUSC phone numbers with prefixes 792 or 876.

Please note that if you do not provide your personal contact information, you are acknowledging that you will not receive notifications via your personal modes of communication.  If you have any concerns regarding MUSC's emergency notification process, please email or Jennifer Taylor at 843-792-0757. 


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