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musc public safety

Department Specific Planning


Departments are encouraged to individualize the institution's overarching emergency management strategy to meet specific departmental needs and responsibilities prior to, during and after an emergency or disaster.  University Risk Management will coordinate with University Department Business Managers to identify hazards that necessitate a Department Specific Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and outline appropriate emergency management strategies. Each ERP should address department specific needs and responsibilities.  For more information, contact Bryan Wood at 

Due to the urgency often inherent in emergency situations, all MUSC employees and students are expected to be familiar their department ERP(s).  It is the responsibility of the Department Business Manager (or designee) to review each ERP at least annually and update as needed.  All reviews and updates must be coordinated with the appropriate point of contact in University Emergency Management. 


 Business Continuity Planning is a comprehensive management process that identifies potential impacts that may threaten an organization and provides a framework for building resilience to these threats.  The end result is an effective response that safeguards the interests of it stakeholders, reputation, and value creating activities.  With the proper plan, a business is able to continue to manage its operations under adverse conditions. 



The steps taken for recovery of the research mission following a major disaster will require specific planning in advance.  Learn more about laboratory and research-specific planning here.


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