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musc public safety

Emergency Plans

 Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures:

MUSC's Emergency Response and Evacuation Plan establishes the policy that governs emergency notifications and timely warnings, evacuation and shelter-in-place guidelines, lockdown procedures, department/unit planning as well as emergency drill and test requirements for the MUSC Campus Community.  This document is written in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act and Jeanne Clery regulatory guidelines. 

Severe Weather Plan:

The purpose of MUSC's Severe Weather Plan is to provide information to students, residents, faculty and staff regarding preparedness, mitigation, response and recover actions for severe weather. This plan pertains to the entire MUSC institution and provides specific regarding types of severe weather/natural disasters, student and personnel responsibilities, departmental procedures as well as a personal planning resources.

University Hazardous Weather and Emergencies Policy:

The University Hazardous Weather and Emergencies Policy outlines mandated employee work attendance responsibilities during disaster and emergency circumstances as authorized by the Governor of South Carolina.  Because of the need for continuity of essential services, the Medical University must designate employees whose presence is essential, and therefore, cannot be excused from work during hazardous weather or other emergency conditions.

Public Safety Active Shooter Response Plan:

MUSC Active Shooter Emergency Plan identifies protective activities to be taken prior to and during an active shooter event as well as responsibilities of departments when responding to an active shooter event or potential active shooter event, as we.  This plan applies to the MUSC Campus and designated areas, as well as, the Medical University Hospital Authority. 

MUSC Medical Center Emergency Operations Plan:

The MUSC Medical Center Emergency Operations Plan applies to all Medical Center employees and documents the actions to be taken in order to respond appropriately to incidents affecting a portion of the Medical Center, the entire Medical center, or the whole community.  This plan provides employees with information regarding procedures that will be implemented in response to an incident. 




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