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musc public safety

Emergency Flooding Information

Flooding is a concern in and around the MUSC Campus including the follow areas:

  • Section of Ashley Avenue between Calhoun and Doughty Streets
  • Jonathan Lucas Street between Sabin Street and President Street
  • Hagood Avenue
  • Be prepared for disruptions to the MUSC Shuttle System.  In the event Ashley Avenue closes, the Ashley Rutledge bus will reroute to Jonathan Lucas.  If both Ashley Avenue and Jonathan Lucas become impassable, the MUSC Shuttle stop will be moved to Doughty Street at the front of MUSC Public Safety.  If Doughty Street is impacted, the stop will be moved to President Street across the street from Institute of Psychiatry.

Driving Tips:

  • Do not drive through flooded areas (even if you think it is shallow)
  • Water hides uneven road surfaces
  • Flooding can scour away the entire road surface and a significant amount of ground beneath.
  • Six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars, causing loss of control or possible stalling.
  • One foot of water will float almost many vehicles.
  • Two feet of rushing water can sweep away most vehicles — including SUVs and pick-ups

Parking Alternatives

Patient and Visitor Parking:

Ashley-Rutledge Parking Garage:

During heavy rains such as today, the section of Ashley Avenue between Calhoun and Doughty Streets is usually flooded and closed to through traffic. If Ashley Avenue becomes impassible, all entries and exits from the Ashley-Rutledge patient parking garage will take place using the Rutledge Avenue exit.  Even if exit gates are raised to ease exit flow, there will be exit delays because exiting vehicles must merge with heavy street traffic on Rutledge Avenue. Pedestrian passage to the main hospital and to Rutledge Tower from the Ashley-Rutledge garage is by way of the interior pedestrian connectors. 

Jonathan Lucas Street Garage:

During heavy rains the section of Jonathan Lucas Street between Sabin and President Streets is often flooded and impassable except by vans and trucks and sometimes impassable to them as well. Approaches from Courtenay Drive may be passable.  Crossing from the garage to the Clinical Science Building on foot on Jonathan Lucas Street may not be possible.

Courtenay Drive Garage:

Access to the Courtenay Drive garage from Courtenay Drive is not usually affected when flooding occurs elsewhere in the city. From the garage patients and employees can access ART by way of the connector between the garage and ART.

Employee Parking:

Employees and students should park in their assigned locations if at all possible, utilizing alternate approaches as city roads will allow.

President Street Garage (PGII/E Lot):

If the President and Cannon Street intersection is impassable, the Wescott Court and first entrance to the garage from Cannon Street should be used.

Rutledge Tower Garage (PGIII/W Lot):

Rutledge Avenue is on relatively high ground. Access to the garage continues from Rutledge Avenue and Vanderhorst Street.

Bee Street Garage (PG VII/A Lot):

Bee Street from the VA to Courtenay usually remains passable and entrances and exits to the Bee Street garage are serviceable.

Harborview Tower Garage (PG IV/L Lot):

Access to this garage even during difficult weather conditions is not usually a problem.

All employee garages and lots are usually accessible; however, city streets leading to these locations may not be passable. Employees should try alternate approaches to their assigned locations.   University Transportation will operate as usual unless/until flooding makes it impossible to continue.  



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