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musc public safety

Policy and Procedure


PP01 IntroductionPP58 Clearing Barrel
PP02 How to Use the Policy and Procedure ManualPP59 Handling Mentally Ill or Intoxicated Persons
PP03 Mission StatementPP60 Lost and Found Property
PP04 Planning and ResearchPP61 Arrest
PP05 LegalityPP62 Use Maintenance Dept Vehicles
PP06 DefinitionsPP63 Search Procedures
PP07 Organization and DirectionPP64 Communications
PP08 Departmental GoalsPP65 Vehiclular Pursuit
PP09 Public InformationPP66 Monthly Employee Status Reports
PP10 Department LibraryPP67 Missing Lost Persons
PP11 Complaint SystemPP68 Patrol
PP12 GrievancesPP69 Fire Prevention and Response
PP13 DisciplinePP70 Searching and Transporting Prisoners
PP14 Employee Performance ManagementPP71 Jurisdiction and Authority
PP15 Meal Breaks Rest PeriodsPP72 Intoxicated Persons at CMH Trauma or ER
PP16 Leave and HolidaysPP73 Emergency Protctive Custody
PP17 Body ArmorPP74 Fiscal Management
PP18 SeatbeltsPP75 Use of Confidential Informants
PP19 Overtime for Supervisors and OfficersPP76 VIP Notification
PP20 Deportment and ConductPP77 Investigative Division
PP21 Job ClassificationPP78 Patiaent Confidentiality
PP22 Standing Department CommitteesPP79 Traffic
PP23 Line and Staff InspectionsPP80 Special Details
PP24 Department AwardsPP81 Bicycle Patrol Program
PP25 TrainingPP82 Card Access
PP26 Equipment Issue and MaintenancePP83 Restraining Orders or Orders of Protection
PP27 Ombudsman ProgramPP84 Field Training Program
PP28 Off duty EmploymentPP85 ID Card Issuance
PP29 Drug Deterrence ProgramPP86 Records Administration
PP30 Diversion ProgramsPP87 Vice Drugs and Organized Crime
PP31 Internal AffairsPP88 Criminal Intelligence
PP32 Oath of Office and Code of EthicsPP89 Incident Command
PP33 Written DirectivesPP90 Undercover Decoy Surveillance Operations
PP34 Crime AnalysisPP91 Domestic Violence
PP35 Investigative Discretionary FundsPP92 Personnel Early Warning System
PP36 Crime Prevention and Community RelationsPP93 Departmental Meetings
PP37 Victims Witness AssistancePP94 Diplomatic Immunity
PP38 Allocation and Distribution of PersonnelPP95 Use of Cameras as Security Surveillance
PP39 Admin Reporting and Forms AccountabilityPP96 Courtesy Escort Program
PP40 Compensation, Benefits and Conditions of WorkPP97 Jeanne Clery Campus Crime
PP41 Recruitment Promotion and SelectionPP98 Career Development
PP42 Accident InvestigationsPP99 Limited Duty Guidelines
PP43 Criminal History RecordsPP100 Security of Departmental Information
PP44 Records Room AccessPP101 Line of Duty Death or Injury
PP45 Juvenile PolicyPP102 Bias Based Profiling
PP46 Service of Legal ProcessPP103 Terrorism Weapons of Mass Destruction
PP47 E-Z Go CartsPP104 Missing Children
PP48 Use of Uniform Traffic CitationPP105 Identity Theft
PP49 Building Checks and SearchesPP106 Injured Person
PP50 Inventory of Vehicles and ContentsPP107 Firearms Simulator Policy
PP51 Prisoner on Campus or Med FacilitiesPP108 NCIC Security
PP52 Parking EnforcementPP109 Emergency Notification System
PP53 Computer AdministrationPP110 Active Shooter response
PP54 Court LiaisonPP111 Interaction with family Members on campus
PP55 Evidence and PropertyPP112 Special Purpose Vehicles
PP56 Use of ForcePP113 Showups Photographic Identifications and Lineups
PP57 WeaponsPP114 Non-Evidentiary Property

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