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TeleConsult Process

Hub and Spoke Model

Using traditional clinic scheduling processes, patients can be referred to the VTCC at MUSC (the Hub) for consultation with an available specialist. Because the technology is mobile and not location specific, the specialist can access the system from any location with internet access and AV capability.  

Because examination of the patient is an important component of the consultation process, patients will make an appointment with their local referring physician’s or healthcare facility’s office (the Hub) that is equipped with the Teleconsult equipment  (VTCC computer, camera and telephone line).  The TeleConsult can be conducted with either the referring physician, a nurse or mid-level provider in attendance to provide examination details and the referring provider will provide any relevant medical records, laboratory data and radiographic images to the specialist.

At the scheduled Teleconsult visit time, the referring provider and the MUSC specialist will establish the telemedicine connection to activate the virtual consultation.  The referring provider will share any relevant medical records, laboratory data and radiographic images with the specialist. The specialist will complete a consult/progress note electronically and send a copy to referring physician or facility.  

This process ensures continuity of care and allows patients to remain in close contect with their referring provider throughout their specialty care needs. The VTCC can provide post-operative or post-procedure follow-up opportunities as well as standard follow-up for established patients. These can be arranged with a participating referring community physician or other suitable equipped location.

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Teleconsult Scheduling Process 


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