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Participating MUSC Specialists


Contact :

Kristy Kingsland
Administrative Coordinator


  • Jimmy McElligott, MD, General Pediatrics
  • Mike Bowman, MD, Pediatric Pulmonology
  • David Sas, MD, Pediatric Nephrology
  • Rebecca Lehman, MD, Pediatric Neurology
  • Remberto Paulo, MD, Pediatric Endocrine
  • Jennifer Poon, MD, Pediatric Development
  • Shashidhar Pai, MD, Pediatrics Genetics and Child Development
    Dr. Pai is now offering genetic counseling and the “Pai Eyeball test” services through our Virtual Telemedicine Consult Clinic.  Your families with questions regarding genetic testing, genetic risk in the family and expectations for genetic disorders can be addressed through expert consultation directly to your primary care office.
  • Todd Purves, MD, Pediatrics Urology
  • Kate Mack, NP, Pediatric Urology
  • Kate Juergens, RD, LD, CNSC             Dietary Services

General / Trauma Surgery

For more information about General Surgery and Acute Critical Care visit:

Division of General Surgery

MUSC Trauma Center


Laura Langston



The MUSC outpatient nutrition office is now providing nutritional counseling services through our Virtual Telemedicine Consult Clinic. You and your family’s nutritional questions and needs can be addressed through expert consultation directly to your primary care office. We cover all ages and a wide variety of health conditions with both general and special nutritional needs.

Provider and Contact:

          Janet Carter, MS, RD, LD

Outpatient Dietitian


Movement Disorders

Movement disorders are neurological conditions that cause involuntary or abnormal movements affecting speed, quality, and ease of movement. Movement disorder symptoms usually vary and fluctuate and are often caused by diseases in various parts of the brain.

Specialist and Contact:

           Christina L. Vaughan, MD, MHS

Dr. Vaughan is one of 3 fellowship-trained movement disorders specialists at the MUSC Movement Disorders Program. Dr. Vaughan conducts tele-neurology visits for all adult movement disorders including: Parkinson disease/parkinsonism, Huntington’s disease/chorea, tremor, dystonia, ataxia, restless leg syndrome, tics/Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, etc.

For more information visit:
MUSC Movement Disorders Program



Specialist and Contact:

             Gabriel Martz, MD 

Dr. Martz is a board certified epileptologist (ABPN/ABCN) who sees patients age 5 -adulthood. He is part of the Level IV Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at MUSC. He specializes in the diagnosis and management of epilepsy, including pharmaceutical, surgical, neurostimulation and diet therapies. He is also the director of the New Onset Seizure Clinic at MUSC, which focuses on rapid diagnosis for people who have had a first seizure or seizure-like episode (e.g. syncope, anxiety attack, sleep attack).

Pediatric Surgery

The division of Pediatric Surgery at MUSC was established more than 40 years ago under the leadership of Dr. H. Biemann Othersen. The division has been recognized for its innovative patient care initiatives and significant contributions to the field of children's surgery. Over the years, many new and advanced surgical techniques were developed by surgeons in our division and passed-on to residents and surgeons in-training. We have always been supportive of the educational mission of the Medical University of South Carolina and we are now able to offer our services via Virtual Consultation through the VTCC Program. We look forward to the opportunity of assisting you in the care of your patients and their families.


Julie Caraway
Administrative Coordinator


  • Robert A. Cina, MD
  • Chris J. Streck, MD
  • C.D. Smith, MD

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