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MUSC Guidelines for Student and Alumni Groups
Electronic Communications and Social Networking

By forming a group using the MUSC brand, the group and the group’s activities represent MUSC.  Student group social networking sites are viewed as being under the university umbrella and the activities of individual members are no longer just reflections of the individual, but of MUSC as well.  The following guidelines are recommended before a creating a social networking site for an MUSC-endorsed student or alumni group:

  1. Contact your dean’s office prior to establishing a group page or website;
  2. Appoint one individual as the site administrator who will be responsible for monitoring the website content;
  3. Draft a brief outline of the site content and have approved by your college student council (or by student programs for university-wide groups);
  4. Make groups private to MUSC (unless otherwise approved);
  5. Have all group leaders read and sign an acknowledgment that they have read the MUSC Student Guidelines for Electronic Communications and Social Networking; and,
  6. Follow all MUSC policies and procedures (e.g., use of MUSC logo).

Please refer to the following links for additional information:

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