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  • The Center for Clinical Evaluation and Teaching

    A safe and controlled environment for optimal clinical teaching and learning

  • Examination Rooms Allow Instructors and Observers to Evaluate Students in a Genuine Clinical Environment

  • Trained Standardized Patients Offer Realistic Case Studies

  • Achieving Clinical Skills Mastery through Simulation and Formative Feedback

Center for Clinical Evaluation, Teaching, and Simulation (CCET)

Excellent Learning and Teaching Space

The College of Medicine has a dedicated Center for Clinical Evaluation and Teaching with 8,500 square feet of space for teaching and assessment. The center includes three small classroom/conference spaces (20-24 seats each) and a clinical skills suite consisting of 10 examination rooms, corresponding observation rooms, and staging areas for trainers and standardized patients.

Updated Facilities


In 2011, the CCET was fully updated - all examination rooms were equipped with Clinical Teaching Audiovisual units and B-Line SimCapture units, providing for the digital capture and assessment of clinical skills using validated assessment checklists synched with simulator patient parameters or standardized patient findings.

Improved Metrics and Collaboration with the Sim Center

Archived data from these systems is now linked through B-Line software with the MUSC Simulation Center to improve collaborative teaching and learner assessment.

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