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Humanitas Publication

Humanitas is a literary journal of the Medical University of South Carolina.  It is comprised of works presented by the MUSC community, which includes students, staff, and faculty.

Humanitas is calling ALL members of the MUSC community from all colleges/departments/professions to submit their works of art and literature for the upcoming XXIII volume. If you are unaware of what Humanitas is, it is a campus-wide publication that features paintings, drawings, photography, prose, poetry, music, etc. from all members of the MUSC community who wish to submit their work. Each submission will then be judged by a diverse editorial board who will cast their votes on the submissions; this process will ultimately decide the works that become published. Humanitas features works that are both within the realm of healthcare as well as those pertaining to many other themes or sources of inspiration.

Humanitas Submissions

The deadline to submit for 2019 Humanitas, Volume XXIII, is December 1, 2018.

All MUSC students, staff, and faculty are invited to submit to Humanitas during our open submission period.

Below are the guidelines for submissions. We regret that works not meeting the following criteria may be removed from consideration:

  • For poetry, send 1-3 poems (1500-word maximum).
  • For short fiction and non-fiction, send 1-2 works (1500-word maximum each).
  • For visual artwork, send a maximum of 5 high-resolution images of your best work.
  • For musical compositions, send 1-2 audio files (YouTube, mp3, WAV, etc.)

**Please do not put your name on submitted texts; we read submissions anonymously.**

**Multiple entries must be submitted separately.**

Submit your work for Volume XXIII of Humanitas

Thank you for your support of Humanitas!

Send questions about submissions to Please do not submit work to this email.

Submissions to be considered for inclusion in Humanitas, Volume XXIII will be accepted no later than December 1, 2018.

2018 Humanitas, Vol. 22

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2000 Humanitas, Vol. 4

1999 Humanitas, Vol. 3

1998 Humanitas, Vol. 2

1997 Humanitas, Vol. 1

Humanitas 2014

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