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Information Solutions

Infrastructure Application Services

Duties and Responsibilities

Identity and Access Management

  • Provide self-service documentation and general training for end users, registration authorities, and “” coordinators
  • Work with other OCIO teams to articulate and automate role-based resource access
  • Work with other MUSC departments to develop and maintain access and authentication policies, procedures, and standards
  • Manage account creation/deprovisioning for

o    Service accounts
o    Secondary user accounts
o    Shared e-mail resources
o    Mailing lists (Exchange distribution lists and majordomo)
o    Epic accounts, including project-related contractor accounts

Infrastructure Resource Management

  • Provide direct end user support for email (Exchange; IronPort secure mail) and file storage (homeroom; I:/N:/U:/B; FileLocker; anonymous FTP) resources
  • Provide on-call support for Exchange resources
  • Create files shares (homeroom departmental shares; N:/U:/B)
  • Administer storage quotas
  • Work with other MUSC departments to develop usage policies and standards, such as quotas, retention processes, and resource use
  • Manage eDiscovery and business continuity access requests
  • Work with other OCIO teams and MUSC departments to evaluate resource sharing solutions (e.g., secure file sharing)
  • Provide self-service documentation for end users

Service Management Application Support

  • Develop and maintain Service Request, Change Control and Server Registry applications
  • Work with other OCIO departments to articulate and automate service level standards and workflows
  •  Work with other OCIO departments to maintain knowledge base entries
  • Manage desktop alert account creation

Information Technology Security Incident Response

  • Phishing response, including campus-wide and targeted messages, mailbox restoration and search
  • Work with other OCIO teams and MUSC departments to develop, publish and distribute awareness documents

Assorted Applications

  • Work with MUSC webmasters to maintain ‘www/wwwdev’ resource
  • Work with Risk Management to maintain AlertUs server as part of Rave emergency alert system
  • Work with Hospital Safety and Security to maintain GreenCard system contracts and end user accounts

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