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What is Project BEST?
What is a Community-Based Learning Collaborative?
What is TF-CBT?
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What is a Community Change Team?

Community Change Team (CCT)

A CCT is comprised of 15-25 mental health professionals and "brokers" of mental health services who together will complete training and champion the implementation and sustained use of Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) with all abused and traumatized children who need it in their respective communities.

Who is part of a CCT?

Clinicians - Mental health professionals who regularly deliver treatment services to children and adolescents who have been abused and traumatized. Clinicians must possess a masters degree or above or be a graduate student in a mental health profession.

Brokers - Brokers are professionals who identify abused children and their families, develop treatment plans, refer them for mental health treatment, and provide case management services. Brokers include child protection and child welfare caseworkers, guardians ad litem, victim advocates, nonclinical rape crisis, domestic violence and children's advocacy caseworkers, and others.

A CCT is comprised of front-line providers, supervisors, and senior leaders of relevant community service agencies, including state, private nonprofit and for profit, and private practitioners.

Responsibilities of CCT members:

  • Complete the TF-CBTWeb web-based learning course.
  • Attend a 3-hour orientation session at your site.
  • Attend 2 two-day Learning Sessions over the course of the learning collaborative.
  • Participate in at least 12 of scheduled 1-hour teleconference consultation calls.
    Call Schedule
  • Clinicians - 2 calls/month
  • Clinical Supervisors - 2 calls/month
  • Brokers - 1 call/month
  • Senior Leaders - 1 call/month

What are the benefits of becoming a CCT member?

  • Be a partner in creating positive change in your community to improve mental health services for abused and traumatized children and their families.
  • Receive intensive, FREE TRAINING in evidence-based mental health assessment, TF-CBT, evidence-based treatment planning, and evidence-based case management from nationally recognized experts.
  • Receive FREE CONSULTATION from nationally recognized experts.
  • Have access to FREE MATERIALS to use with clients.
  • Earn over 40 FREE CEUs.*
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion*
  • Be listed on the Project BEST Roster as having completed TF-CBT training.*
  • Be involved with colleagues from across the state and the country in an exciting, ongoing learning community.

* All Project BEST learning requirements must be met to receive this benefit.