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What is Evidence-Based Treatment Planning?

In cases of child abuse, many professionals may write treatment plans for the child and other family members and refer them for services.  Brokers of services are those professionals who identify abused children and their families, assess service needs, develop treatment plans, and monitor outcomes.  For example, child welfare workers, Guardians ad litem, therapists, physicians, victim advocates, and others may develop treatment plans for one of more family members.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for these treatment plans to conflict and contain recommendations for interventions that are not evidence-based.  When this happens the recovery process is slowed and families may not receive the best services for their problems.  Evidence-Based Treatment Planning (EBTP) is a community-based approach to treatment planning designed to reduce conflicts and ensure that all family members receive appropriate, evidence-based services.  In Project BEST, Brokers learn EBTP and apply it in their work in collaboration with Clinicians.  The steps in EBTP are below.

EBTP Steps