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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


Mission Statement

The principal mission of the NMR facility is to provide instrumentation for, and aid in obtaining data to characterize structure, dynamics and interactions of small- and biomolecules.  The NMR facility serves as a research resounce and shared instrument facility for researchers at MUSC and in the region.  We offer access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and expert assistance in designing NMR experiments and applications.  We strive to help the local and regional community to realize the potential of NMR.


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a powerful technique that can provide detailed information on the three-dimensional structure of biological molecules in solution.  NMR can be used to characterize the motional flexibility in atomic level detail which can lead to a more complete understanding of macromolecular function.

Molecular recognition processes necessitate conformational flexibility and liquid state NMR spectroscopy is uniquely suited to answer important questions in this area by looking at dynamic ensembles of structures.  Recently, MUSC has acquired the capability for high field NMR spectroscopy, paving the way for investigators to determine the structures and dynamics of macromolecules by this technique.

Instrument Access

The NMR Core Facility is open to all researchers from MUSC and its affiliated institutions.  Researchers with a potential structural biology project are encouraged to fill in the NMR project proposal form, this will be reviewed by the facility staff so that advice can be given.  Authorized users of the NMR facility may request time on the 600 and 850 MHz spectrometers equipped with cryoprobes.  The 400 MHz spectrometer is operated on a 'walk-up basis' and internal users may book their own time slots using an on-line calender.  All useage requests for 600 and 850 MHz spectrometers can be made using the online booking form.  Time requests greater than 3 days are to be submitted no-later than the 25th of the month for the upcoming month.  Allocated time slots will be posted by the end of the month for the upcoming month.  Off-campus academic and industry customers are also welcome to discuss use of the NMR instrumentation with the facility staff.


MUSC's NMR facility is located in room DD115 on the ground floor of the Drug Discovery Building (70 President St, Charleston, SC. 29425)

View the Current NMR Schedules

850MHz Calender

600MHz Calender

400MHz Calender

Policies and Rates

All administrative statement, policy and rates for the NMR Core Facility are formulated by the NMR advisory board which consists of members with expertise in NMR spectroscopy.  The hourly rates for facility use are $7.00 for the 400MHz spectrometer and $4.00 for the 600MHz and 850MHz spectrometers for experimental times over 1 day.


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